Powered by technology and the internet, the world has become more connected and led to the age of consumers. Consumers spend more time online either solving their necessities such as shopping for food, clothes, household appliances or spending their leisure time playing online games or watching movies and TV series through streaming services. As consumers spend more time online and become more tech-savvy, consumers expects more from their digital experience.

To meet consumers’ expectations and to compete in the digital world, businesses are heavily investing in digital transformation, particularly in customer experience.  Many believe that digital transformation is only important for big enterprises with budget and manpower to implement. However, digital transformation is a requirement for all companies, no matter the size of the company. Digital transformation is essential for businesses of any size to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market. Digital transformation may be more important for small businesses to promote their brands and acquire customers.

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new technology solution, also about requiring total organizational changes in terms of process, data, and culture. Enterprises should undertake digital transformation to incorporate technologies into every aspects of operation and deliver value to customers. However, small businesses should approach digital transformation differently from enterprises, as small businesses do not have the luxury of budget and time to engage in all aspects of digital transformation. Small businesses should focus on achieving one of their main goals through digital transformation and one of the goals small businesses should partake is to improve customer experience both online and offline. Small businesses should focus on improving customer experience through digital transformation. It is important for small businesses to understand how consumers behave in the digital world to provide a better customer experience and to do so, businesses need

One way for small businesses to overcome their limitation is to leverage vendors to help with

digital transformation. Small businesses should look for a vendor that can provide with insights

on customers and that invests in machine learning algorithm that turn customer insights into personalized experiences that can enable small businesses to improve consumers' digital experience.

TG360 Technologies can help small businesses understand how consumers behave in the digital world with the vast amount of online behavioral data TG360 has such as data on what sites consumers visit, what products they purchase, what apps they use and many more. We process the data using ML based algorithm to provide meaningful insights such as purchasing behavior and interests. Using these insights, small businesses can improve their digital channels to be more customer friendly and can use these data to find target segments to increase customer base.

We can also help businesses collect their own digital data by providing ‘tagging services’ to

‘tag’ visitors to own digital marketing channels. By tagging visitor, businesses can identity who

the visitors are and provide a special offering to turn visitor into customers. With the various

digital data, TG360 can help small businesses identify target segments that have high potential

to become customers and also help with digital marketing.

Small businesses should not regard digital transformation as a hard concept that they cannot implement and should focus on providing customer-centric experience through their digital channels based on digital data driven findings.